Who should be on your SurveyMonkey team?

Find the right role for every stakeholder.

Build the right team to make game-changing decisions

According to a TechValidate study, 94% of SurveyMonkey customers agree that survey data helps them make better business decisions that drive growth.*

And because high impacts are rarely made by a single individual operating on an island, it’s important to create the right mix of people and roles for your survey team.

With the perfect mix of individuals and expertise, you’ll create and design surveys that generate honest feedback for your analysts and stakeholders to get actionable information.

81% of surveyed customers agree that they create better surveys and get better results with input from others*

*2019 TechValidate survey

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How to set up a survey creation and analytics team

With a SurveyMonkey team plan members can work on their own surveys and manage all aspects of the survey themselves—including creation, design, and analysis. New members can be added to the team to perform specific tasks, such as data analysis.

One of the great benefits of a team plan is that members can share a central library of files and documents, which includes everything from design files (logos, approved images, and illustrations) to guidelines (style guidelines, templates, and themes) and questions.

Let’s dive in to see what your SurveyMonkey survey creation and analytics team structure could look like.

Team Admin: Empower the team

This function works best for someone in a leadership role. In addition to creating, sending, and analyzing surveys, they can also do the following:

  • Assign, reassign, or delete accounts
  • Make decisions about billing and payment
  • Create and share survey templates and brand assets through a central team library
  • Add Contributor seats to the plan for stakeholders who want to analyze the data but not to create or send surveys

Full User: Manage survey projects

This role is suited for project participants who need to create surveys and gather feedback for analysis, but don’t manage the team. Full Users are empowered to do the following:

Contributor: Analyze survey results for actionable insights

This role is perfect for stakeholders who want direct access to survey results and don’t need to create or send surveys. It’s a lower-cost way to give more people access to results without having to rely on Admins and Full Users to share the data.

As a Contributor you can:

Go to our choose a plan page to find out more about Contributor seats.

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Build the best team

Different team members have different needs to help them make data-driven decisions. So what’s the best way to set up a survey and analytics team? Here are two scenarios: one for a small business and another for a department within a large business.

Build a team for actionable insights in your small business

You’re the owner of a business with 70 employees. You want to oversee the survey process as well as manage billing and assign members to the survey team. The marketing manager wants to keep on top of customer satisfaction and the HR manager wants to regularly survey employees to get a pulse on the employee experience.

You’ve just hired a data analyst and you’re excited to have this person access both survey types to examine correlations between employee happiness and customer experience.

In the next few months, you plan to hire an intern who will drive a customer experience initiative, and you’d like that person to analyze the marketing manager’s surveys.

The perfect solution

The perfect solution for you is a team plan with you as the team Admin. Your marketing manager and HR manager round out the 3-member configuration for a team plan (Admin plus 2 Full Users). When you purchase the team plan, you can add a bundle of 2 Contributor seats for your new data analytics team—your data analyst and your incoming intern.

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