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Time saving, value-added reporting. Effortlessly create instant reports and presentations that visualize your survey data.  Save time on reporting so you can focus on making better decisions.

Custom Survey Reports. Sometimes, standard reports just don’t do what you need. If you have a particular requirement that you can’t see a simple way to achieve, you can relax.  The ReportGorilla Reporting Team can create pretty much any report you can imagine from your survey data. 
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Extract powerful stories from your survey data. Find the stories you didn't know you had.
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Create amazing reports with no technical or analytical know-how. Just point to what you want and let ReportGorilla do the rest. Apply smart analytics automatically to your survey data.  
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Choose from one of 160 styles, presented as web pages, Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents you can easily edit. Or as .png files you can use anywhere. Run ReportGorilla on your mobile, tablet or desktop.
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User comments:

"Amazing work in such a short time!!"  Matthew Grey, NHS

"I am beyond thrilled with the possibility of automating the reports!"
P Lehman, TG Consultancy

That’s brilliant and exactly what I needed. Thanks." Dr Martin Schmidt, NHS

"ReportGorilla reduced the time we spend on survey analysis and reporting by about 60%."
 B Kreimer, Head of Consulting

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