Workplace by Facebook
Gather Employee Powered Data
Workplace by Facebook
Workplace by Facebook
Workplace by Facebook
Workplace by Facebook
Share daily response summary posts in your Workplace feed
Notify your Workplace group when survey collaborators provide feedback
Receive notifications as new survey responses come in

Gather feedback from people across your organization and socialize results with SurveyMonkey and Workplace integration

Make it easy for your teams to gather Employee Powered Data and share insights at scale. With the SurveyMonkey and Workplace integration, you can:

  • Drive visibility and engage people across your organization by getting your data in front of all the right people.
  • Socialize your surveys so people can collaborate where they are already getting work done - whether it’s through specific groups or one-on-one discussions on Workplace.
  • Empower people across the organization with actionable data insights.

To install:

  • Click 'Install' in the top right corner of this listing OR in Workplace by Facebook, go to Integrations in the left-hand menu panel.
  • Enter your login details for Workplace by Facebook.
  • You'll be taken to the Settings page for the SurveyMonkey app.
  • Make sure permissions are customized to your preference, and then click 'Install'.
  • You'll be taken back to SurveyMonkey to set up your notifications. 
  • First you'll choose a survey, then the type of notification you want to enable, and once you confirm, the notification will be live.
  • Notifications will appear in the channel of your selected Group.
  • To make changes, return to "Integrations in Workplace by Facebook", make edits, and click Save.
  • To uninstall: return to "Integrations in Workplace by Facebook", select the SurveyMonkey app from your notifications, and click "Uninstall".

SurveyMonkey Plan Requirements

Any Plan