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I'm working on developing a range of home sewing patterns, and I'd like your help to test the patterns! I'm hoping to have the first pattern ready for testing this spring (2012) sometime.

What I'm looking for from the pattern testers is feedback on the fit of the pattern, and on the ease of following the instructions. You may choose to decline to test a pattern for whichever reason - life does happen!

The patterns are drafted for a C-cup, instead of the more common B-cup. A 3" / 7,5 cm difference between full bust and underbust is considered a C-cup.

* 1. How long have you been sewing?

* 2. What level do feel your sewing skills are at?


* 3. According to the chart shown, what size would you choose to test?
(You may choose different sizes for bust, waist, and hip, and you may enter a size range)

* 4. Please fill in your name:
(any name - I just want to be able to address you!)

* 5. E-mail address:

* 6. Your website or blog, if you have one: