Who wants to come!

I've gotten a few requests for a progression team that does serious mythic or hc raiding, a smaller team with the no-lifers in addition to or upgrade to our regular raiding (we will still have raids for casuals ofc, this is additional kinda).

This will be a team where 2 days a week is mandatory and brain, gear and skill is required. We will be strict if this gets going, and you may join if you meet the requirements!

Im just making this poll to see if more ppl would want to do this, we will need 20 for mythic but I can start on recruiting if we want to do this. Personally I have a lot of exams in december and christmas = chilling, so this wouldnt be a thing untill January. 

If you answer yes, that isnt a set commitment as this is just to see the interest!

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